Foot and Tire Impressions

Clinician: Jason Crafton

Attendees will receive an 8-hour clinic including four hours of in-classroom instruction and four hours of practical experience in how to identify, collect, and preserve impression evidence.  The in-room instruction will consist of identifying, collecting, preserving, locating, photographing, and general information of impression related evidence.  The hands-on practical will be taught outside; dress appropriately.  This block of instruction will focus on taking photographs, casting and lifting impressions; as well as taking test impressions of tires.  Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their department-issue cameras, with external flashes.
Biography: Jason Crafton is a Criminalist III assigned to the Firearm/Toolmark discipline of the Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Laboratory General Headquarters in Jefferson City, Missouri.  He has been with the Crime Laboratory Division for over ten years.  Mr. Crafton has testified as an expert witness in firearms, toolmarks, impressions, and physical match identifications.  He is a member of the Association of Firearm and Toolmark Examiners and a member of the Missouri Division of the International Association for Identification.

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